Application for Hosting

ACERT Conference Host Proposal

Think you and your team has what it takes to host one of our conferences ? Want to show off your team’s capabilities and your campus to 20+ teams in North America? Looking to improve relations with your local paramedic service or emergency response groups ?

Hosting an ACERT conference is a highly regarded achievement, and brings memories and new friends together! To find out more information about our conferences, and to see what it takes to host one, scroll down and determine if hosting is right for your team!


Submitting your bid to ACERT shows to us that you’re dedicated to the planning stages of the conference, but how much more dedication can you show through the finalization stages? We look for teams and individuals who persevere through multiple returns to the drawing board, and who can work on projects and activity requests on time sensitive deadlines.


Hosting a conference can take lots of work, and sometimes you’ll need a lending hand or two (or 43). Being open to teamwork in all stages of the conference process is something ACERT expects of your team. Whether it be coordinating volunteers from the committee, working with representatives from sponsors, or scheduling activities with related companies in your city, teamwork is at the very core of hosting our conferences.

Physical Resources

A team can plan and allocate manpower to host a conference all they want, but a conference can’t go on unless there’s a place to host it. If your campus or local conference hosting services have the capabilities in hosting a conference that can hold up to 150+ participants with motivational speakers and training scenarios, then you’ve won half the battle. Catering options and leisure activities that are available in your area are also additional things to consider while applying to host.


Who will help guide participants to and from activities during your conference? What level of technology and social media are you looking to implement into the conference? How will participants get to the conference after reaching your city? All this and more are things to consider when planning the logistics of the conference. If the logistics are sound for the participants, then you and your team have one less thing to worry about come conference day.

Examples of Recent Conferences